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 Ze app of ze Jarzii...

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Ze app of ze Jarzii... Empty
PostSubject: Ze app of ze Jarzii...   Ze app of ze Jarzii... I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 01, 2011 6:51 pm

1. Profile/Personal Info:*
Name:(profile, Jarzii, and personal, Aerin)
Age:15 and a half
TimeZone: East coast.
Level: Thirty... One.
Current Wins: 399? I don't know.
Are you a laid back or hardcore player or both?
2. How active are you on LoL? What days are you mostly on?:*
All of them, in the late afternoon.
3. As we are a team we do not allow raging, or rage quitting or any down talking to other teammates. do you feel the same?*
Deppends... If Korgo sucks, I'm GONNA say, "Korgo, you suck.":p
4. We are trying to get good active players do you have a problem with any criticism on how to play a certain champ?.*
Yes. D: (no)
5. Are you aware that if all teams are currently full that you will have to wait before getting an invite?
Do you have a problem with this?
Yes. D: (no)
6. If you are asked to join a guild team and you are already with a team do you have a problem with dropping that group to join ours?*
Deppends. do you wanna wait 5 minutes if I'm already in champ select?
7. What Champions do you normally play or what role do you enjoy best, Tank, Dps, Support?*
AP damage/assassins,
8. In a team fight do you always focus the called out champion?:*
Yes, asumeing it won't get me horribly killed in a noobish way.
9. During lane phase do you play aggresively or passively?:*
Generaly passively.
10. Do you have a problem with losing if its a possiblity?*
Yes! D: (no)
11. How can you benefit and help the guild?*
...By... Being awesome...?
12. How do you define a quality member?*
By their ability to, and degrea of which they cause Dom to scream HAX!
13. How did you find the Mythic Alliance*
Through Thor, and Death's.
14. Do you have any experience using ventrilo? And or do you have a problem with installing it?

15. Would you say that you maintain qualities of Respect, Honor, and Maturity?*
Oh, what? I have to? Okay, fine... I'll leave the slander, and dickery under the bridge...
Random Q: If we are losing in a game but were not going to surrender and we know we've lost do you Race to the Opposing teams summoning circle or dou you try and fight baron alone? What do you do in a dire situation?
Exclaim over vent, "RAWR VLAD!!" and ult them on the nexus towers, pool, and pray that has some effect, unless they have banshee's, then I hit E, to knock them all off, and then do the before explained.
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Ze app of ze Jarzii... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ze app of ze Jarzii...   Ze app of ze Jarzii... I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 02, 2011 5:14 pm

Haha. He's a good player and fun to play with. I'd love to have him here. /yes
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Ze app of ze Jarzii...
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