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 LoL Application - Swiitch POG (Accepted)

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LoL Application - Swiitch POG (Accepted) Empty
PostSubject: LoL Application - Swiitch POG (Accepted)   LoL Application - Swiitch POG (Accepted) I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 29, 2010 4:06 pm

1. Profile/Personal Info:*
Name: Swiitch POG/Brian
Age: 41
TimeZone: US Eastern
Level: 30
Current Wins: 102
Are you a laid back or hardcore player or both?

I consider myself a laid back player. Do not get me wrong, I enjoy winning and do my best to improve my in game performance through practice, reading the forums and reading guides, but I don't consider myself to be hardcore.

2. How active are you on LoL? What days are you mostly on?:

I'm on most days for a game or two. Some days I'll be on for longer periods than others, but it depends on RL factors. If I'm not feeling great, I don't want to drag down other players by playing less than my best game.

3. As we are a team we do not allow raging, or rage quitting or any down talking to other teammates. do you feel the same?

I agree, raging only hurts the game for everyone involved. It is a game, after all, and everyone is playing to get enjoyment.

4. We are trying to get good active players do you have a problem with any criticism on how to play a certain champ?.

I appreciate constructive criticism. I feel that even the best can improve by getting feedback/criticism from others, so long as it's given in a constructive manner.

5. Are you aware that if all teams are currently full that you will have to wait before getting an invite?
Do you have a problem with this?

I have no problem with this at all.

6. If you are asked to join a guild team and you are already with a team do you have a problem with dropping that group to join ours?

I'm currently not involved with any other clan/guild, so I have no issues with this.

7. What Champions do you normally play or what role do you enjoy best, Tank, Dps, Support?

I feel that I am best as a tank, I like to get into the fray and don't mind initiating/dying if that's what will give my team the advantage and ultimately win the game. I play mostly as Singed, but also play Taric and Rammus competently, I also play other tanky characters. I am working on rune pages to try and expand the number of champs i can play effectively, but am open to trying any.

8. In a team fight do you always focus the called out champion?

Absolutelt, the best teams are those that all concentrate on killing one champ at a time, getting an advantage and then applying it.

9. During lane phase do you play aggresively or passively?:

I tend to play the way my lanemate is playing. If they seem to want to be aggressive and it looks like we can do so safely, I'll do that. If they want to play a bit more passively and look to make a kill only when we have a very good chance of doing so, I will adopt that style.

Of the two, I slightly prefer to play passively, tower hugging until an opportunity presents itself.

10. Do you have a problem with losing if its a possiblity?

none at all. I feel that more can be learned from looking at what was done wrong in a losing effort than in what was done right in a winning effort.

11. How can you benefit and help the guild?

I bring a positive attitude and believe that I have a decent amount of skill with my preferred champions. I am also willing to not only learn from others, but will do my best to provide any insights I have to help others improve.

12. How do you define a quality member?

Members should help other members out, both in game and on the forums. They should remember that behind the summoner/avatar is a real person and if they aren't playing their best, it could be due to a myriad of reasons, they should do their best to support one another and improve everyone's performance. they should also bring a positive attitude to the game and help everyone get the maximum enjoyment they can.

13. How did you find the Mythic Alliance

LoL Forums

14. Do you have any experience using ventrilo? And or do you have a problem with installing it?

Have used it extensively while in a WoW guild.

15. Would you say that you maintain qualities of Respect, Honor, and Maturity?


Random Q: If we are losing in a game but were not going to surrender and we know we've lost do you Race to the Opposing teams summoning circle or dou you try and fight baron alone? What do you do in a dire situation?

I would try to get the group to gather up and find the opposition's weakest point, and then encourage everyone to do our best to exploit the weakness. I feel that no game is completely unwinnable, so we should do everything we can to try and get the tides turned to our favor. Whether that means sitting in our base and trying to get some well timed kills so that we can counter push, or helping someone try and backdoor, etc. I'd do my best to try and keep the team's attitude positive, and if we do lose, say gg and look to the next game.
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Harbringer Veterix
Harbringer Veterix

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LoL Application - Swiitch POG (Accepted) Empty
PostSubject: Re: LoL Application - Swiitch POG (Accepted)   LoL Application - Swiitch POG (Accepted) I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 29, 2010 4:36 pm

Thank you for applying to MA. We will need you to take part in a trial game so we may evaluate you. In order for this to happen you must come online to our public ventrilo server, where you may find the information in any of the for topics. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
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LoL Application - Swiitch POG (Accepted) Empty
PostSubject: Re: LoL Application - Swiitch POG (Accepted)   LoL Application - Swiitch POG (Accepted) I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 01, 2010 8:14 pm


I am having microphone issues that will be resolved tomorrow (ie buying a replacement), so I hope to get in a game then.
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LoL Application - Swiitch POG (Accepted) Empty
PostSubject: Re: LoL Application - Swiitch POG (Accepted)   LoL Application - Swiitch POG (Accepted) I_icon_minitime

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LoL Application - Swiitch POG (Accepted)
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