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 brs78 Application (Accepted)

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PostSubject: brs78 Application (Accepted)   Wed Dec 15, 2010 7:06 am

1. Profile/Personal Info:*
Name: brs78/Brian
Age: 32
TimeZone: US Central
Level: 30
Current Wins: 294
Are you a laid back or hardcore player or both?

I would have to consider myself a laid back player.

2. How active are you on LoL? What days are you mostly on?:

I'm on most days. During the week I usually get in 1 - 3 games, on weekends, depending on what's going on, I can play a lot of games especially before my daughter wakes up and after she goes to bed.

3. As we are a team we do not allow raging, or rage quitting or any down talking to other teammates. do you feel the same?

I completely agree, I have never quit a game. I think I have 2 leaves on my record but they were from practice games with all BOTS. I didn't leave, I was fighting a crappy internet connection while waiting on a connecting flight at an airport.

4. We are trying to get good active players do you have a problem with any criticism on how to play a certain champ?.

I appreciate constructive criticism. There's always room for improvement.

5. Are you aware that if all teams are currently full that you will have to wait before getting an invite?
Do you have a problem with this?

I have no problem with this at all.

6. If you are asked to join a guild team and you are already with a team do you have a problem with dropping that group to join ours?

I have no issues with this.

7. What Champions do you normally play or what role do you enjoy best, Tank, Dps, Support?

I usually wait till everyone picks their champs then pick something that will compliment the team. I can play most characters well. I have winning records with Twisted Fate, Malphite, Anivia, Karthus, Warwick, Sona, 2-1 with Cassiopeia (I like her, fun champ), and Teemo.

8. In a team fight do you always focus the called out champion?

Every time, the best teams are the ones that work together to accomplish the task at hand

9. During lane phase do you play aggresively or passively?:

My preference is to play passive until the enemy overextends. I try to just click around and last his as much as I can and harass the enemy. Slowly but surely weakening them, making them use their health pots and or blue pill back to give me an exp and gold advantage over them. I like to stay on my side of the lane (closer to friendly tower) so I have an escape route. I don't like leaving myself exposed to ganks too far forward of our tower.

10. Do you have a problem with losing if its a possiblity?

Losing happens and when it does it offers great insight into what could have been done better.

11. How can you benefit and help the guild?

I bring a positive attitude and believe that I have a decent amount of skill with most champions. I enjoy learning from others to improve my game play.

12. How do you define a quality member?

A quality members is one that helps other members out, both in game and on the forums. They should bring a positive attitude to the game. A negative attitude does nothing positive, if definitely doesn't help to win.

13. How did you find the Mythic Alliance


14. Do you have any experience using ventrilo? And or do you have a problem with installing it?

Have used it extensively while in a WoW guild.

15. Would you say that you maintain qualities of Respect, Honor, and Maturity?


Random Q: If we are losing in a game but were not going to surrender and we know we've lost do you Race to the Opposing teams summoning circle or do you try and fight baron alone? What do you do in a dire situation?

I would try to get the group to gather up and stick together. Buy a stack of wards to plant them in our jungle and try to get the team to take out their team one at a time while wandering in the jungle. Basically If they are going to win I'd still want to make it as hard as possible for them to do so. I wouldn't just roll over and give them the win. If they want the W then they are going to work for it.
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Harbringer Veterix
Harbringer Veterix

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PostSubject: Re: brs78 Application (Accepted)   Wed Dec 15, 2010 3:09 pm

Thank You for applying to MA. We have seen what you can do, and we are very pleased with your skills. Now we just need to see you dedication and your game activity so we may fully make you a member of MA. Your trial period has begun you have 10 days to prove you are worthy. Thank you and have a great day!
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PostSubject: Time   Wed Dec 15, 2010 4:00 pm

My play time will be shorter than normal for the next few days. I am a member of the military (Army). I am currently in San Antonio, TX and have been here for about the past 4 weeks. I've been away from my family and will be flying back to them on Friday.

So basically Friday, I will not be around except in the morning while I'm waiting to leave here.

Just had to toss that out there....
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PostSubject: Re: brs78 Application (Accepted)   

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brs78 Application (Accepted)
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